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The Survey Statistics Program

The Statistics Department is currently offering a special program in survey statistics for Master's Degree students.   The program prepares students for a career in survey research applied to such fields as economics, demography, sociology, health care, education, criminal justice, agriculture, natural resources and the environment, and marketing.

The requirements of the MS program include a sequence of nine approved courses plus a Master's paper.  The required courses  for the track in survey statistics include


Area of Study




3 courses in mathematical statistics

Statistical Theory and Methods 1, Statistics 24400
or Distribution Theory, Statistics 30400

Statistical Theory and Methods 2, Statistics 24500
or Mathematical Statistics 1, Statistics 30100

Statistical Theory and Methods 3, Statistics 24600
or Mathematical Statistics 2, 30200

3 courses in applied statistics

Applied Linear Statistical Models, Statistics 34300

Design and Analysis of Experiments, Statistics 34500

Generalized Linear Models, Statistics 34700

3 courses in survey statistics and methodology

Sample Surveys, Statistics 33100

Survey Research Methodology, Public Policy 41600

Survey Questionnaire Design, Public Policy 41800/Psychology 475


The student may also choose from electives such as

Basic Demographic Analysis, Sociology 40101;
Modern Data Analysis in Biostatistics, Health Studies 32800;
Longitudinal Data Analysis, Health Studies 33300;
Advanced Econometrics, Economics 31800; and
Special Topics in Complex Surveys.
The student will conduct a one-quarter, or summer, project at the National Opinion Research Center, leading to the Master's paper.  Established in 1941, NORC produces high quality social science research in the public interest, primarily through the conduct of large-scale, national surveys for agencies of the federal government, state and local governments, and foundations.  See for a description of NORC's survey projects.  The student will conduct the project at NORC offices on campus or in Chicago's loop and must have completed the required coursework in advance.