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Course: STAT 32900=BUSF 41912
Title: Applied Multivariate Analysis
Instructor(s): Ruey-Shiong Tsay
Class Schedule: Sec 01:F 8:30-11:30AM in Harper Center C06
Office Hours:  
Description: The course will introduce the basic theory and applications for analyzing multi-dimensional data. Topics include multivariate distributions, Gaussian models, multivariate statistical inferences and applications, classifications, cluster analysis, and dimension reduction methods. Course content is subject to change in order to keep the contents up-to-date with new development in multivariate statistical techniques. The course is offered in alternate years by the Statistics Department (S13, S15, ...) and the Booth Business School (S12, S14, ...). When the course is offered by the Booth school, please visit the Booth portal and search via the course search tool: for the most up to date information.

Prerequisites: STAT 24400-24500 or BUSF 41901/STAT 32400 or BUSF 41902/STAT 32500 or equivalent courses.